Car Wash Incident (CWI) produced by Simon Lee and Eve Sussman is a 35mm motion picture project (sponsored by Panavision) based on a photograph that was created to support an insurance scam planned and carried out by the artists, Jack and Leigh Ruby, in 1975. The original photo is the only surviving element from an original portfolio of fabricated evidence, which was lost during the Rubys’ incarceration in Australia duringthe 00’s.

The scenic crew created two identical street corner sets at a Jersey City service station. Every detail, each sidewalk crack, tuft of grass, or signage in the original “evidentiary” photograph was recreated. Grainy high-speed color film stock and1970s-era camera lenses were used to replicate the look of the Rubys’ original pictures as closely as possible. The story line has four “doubled” characters, plus a ninth, engaged in a mysterious intrigue. The actors repeat a circular narrative with slight variations. The performances were precisely timed, blocked, and choreographed to be shot as numerous continuous takes with the oversite of choreographer Claudia de Serpa Soares.